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Oaks The

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(913) 772-4344
3200 Shrine Park Rd
Leavenworth, KS 66048-4811
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(913) 772-4344

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I moved here from Tucson and arranged ahead of time for a wheelchair accessible apartment. I got here and found the place reserved for me had no wheelchair access from the parking lot. She said she only had one available with a ramp, but maitenance had not been done yet. I had to take it because the movers were here with my furniture and I couldn't keep paying for motel. Maint was NEVER done. Almost anytime you can see the maintenance men standing around their trucks drinking beer. 2 yrs ago ceiling over my shower ceiling fell in from an upstairs leak. Fixed leak, not my ceiling, and dirt and bugs kept coming out of it. Also around that time my toilet line was plugged and upstairs toilets were pumping water out of mine onto the floor. The plumber could only reach the plug from outside in the main line cleanout. Karen sent me the bill to pay the hundred and some dollar bill or have to move out and go to court. One of the neighbors told me later it was because I called in the problem. They all knew she would do that so none of them would call it in! On move in, the manager, Karen, promised new carpet and linoleum, to repair large crack under front door (cold air and bugs kept coming through), repair the lock on the sliding patio doors (I jammed a mop handle in it), a screen for my patio door, repairing bedroom and bathroom doors falling off, replacing damaged closet door, bathroom vanities that were rotted out at bottom, and fastening the smoke detectors back to the ceilings but I never got any of it done. After 3 years I had to move because of severe mold problem on exterior walls. I found out a couple weeks later from a neighbor, my apartment had a bad mold problem before I got it and they just painted over all of it with latex house paint. Karen stole my deposit and charged more for bogus charges!!! Almost $400. Said it was intentional damage because of heavy smoke??? I smoke less than a pack a day and besides, I could never open the slider because of no screen door. She also charged me for carpet cleaning even though they replaced it?? She said I signed a paper on move in for the charge. Also charged for cleaning, miniblinds, and smoke detectors. I did take pictures for proof of the mold. By the way, 2 weeks after I moved out I went back to the apartment to speak to the new tennants. Walls painted, repairs all done, and new carpet and new linoleum!

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(913) 651-4600

744 Delaware St, Leavenworth, KS 66048

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(913) 682-7335

1734 S 4th St, Leavenworth, KS 66048

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(913) 758-4450

100 S 4th St, Leavenworth, KS 66048